Wall Creation - Utilizing Line Data

I am hoping someone can help to point me in the right direction to create a wall based on lines (imported from a dwg that are exploded in revit) within dynamo.

I am thinking of modeling a dummy wall and then utilzing the edit profile command and having dynamo select all of my lines, which denote edges of wall and openings within walls.

See below for example lines I receive:

Below is an image of what I was hoping to program into dynamo, essentially selecting all lines.


Some more work will be required at door locations (trimming of the bottom line will be req’d) but I cross that bridge when I come to it.

Not sure if dynamo can do this, but I was hoping for some direction to start out with.


Why aren’t you placing families in these locations instead? By the sounds of it that would create the objects in the openings and allow for a more true BIM workflow in this case.

I come from a structural background, to me, a window/dock door for a warehouse is just an opening in my concrete wall :grinning:

I am open to the idea of utilizing families here instead, any thoughts on how to utilize the presented data to form a wall with openings/families.

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This may help: Wall Openings node from Universo_BIM package

You may also want to use rectangular and circular void families instead. My guess is 90% of the time it would be a rectangular version.

thanks jacob, I think I could make these nodes work.

it would be great if I could just feed the node curve data and create voids from there. This way, I could handle really any shape. I might dig in and see if I can’t use some function from the revit api to do it.

@jacob.small ,

I’ve dug in a little more now, I am not liking the wall opening node from Universo. I would love to be able to handle curve data, not just center point, height and width.

is there any possibility within dynamo to subtract surfaces/solids from walls geometry to remove unwanted geometry? From my quick 30 minute research, it looks like there is no easy way. Below is my dynamo and revit output where I’ve made solids based on curve data that I would love to remove from my wall.

I was trying to follow the example located here to make a void form:

but I was failing in the form.byloft crosssections node. It states that the curves must be extracted from a revit element in order for it to work.