How can i make wall in dynamo studio with the 2d lines imported from cad

hi ,
i am looking for a node that can convert 2d imported cad curves into 3d walls.
i have one node in mind that is wall creation by curve and height, but this node does not support in dynamo studio just in dynamo Revit please advise me any other node or combination of nodes that can come as handy as this node.
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You cannot access Revit functions from Dynamo studio, only Dynamo for Revit has access to Revit content.

Look into the LinkDWG or others for this type of functionality in Dynamo for Revit.

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Thank you for the information @jacob.small ,

is there any other way i can convert 2D lines into 3D wall in dynamo studio !

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Not if you want to make a Revit wall from it. Youโ€™ll have to switch to a Dynamo for Revit workflow instead of a Dynamo Studio workflow.

hi @jacob.small ,

i have done this in revit dynamo ,but there are warning showing in both of the converting curve into wall nodes!
please advise me on this.

thanks !

You can use CurveElement.Curve or Element.Curves nodes to convert you ModelCurves into curves.

โ€ฆor set the creatModelCurves input on the BimorphNode to false :wink:


@Thomas_Mahon @Alban_de_Chasteigner

Thank you for the information :smile: