How to Create Wall By Profile

After looking at this post about Wombat, I am looking at how to use the node Wall.ByProfile…

I’m a newbie using dynamo. I’ve tried but it’s not working for me. I use model line by the way

Sharing your script would be helpful for others to understand better what the problem might be. :slight_smile:

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I try to make wall at topography that wall by profile. But i dont know how to continue it… I just learn dynamo about two days so i still confused and i dont how to make python script yet. Could you help me, please?
I’ve try to use wombat too without topography but it didn’t work.

I’m not really sure what you’re trying to do here. You don’t show where you’re attempting to use Wall.ByProfile and it looks like you’ve already constructed your wall geometry in Dynamo.

Wall.ByProfile is intended to be used on walls with openings or otherwise altered faces. If you don’t have that you’d probably be better off using something like Wall.ByCurveAndHeight.

Oh, i’m sorry… my bad. It’s not the picture i want to show you. This is it…

at the end i’m using wombat package wallbyprofile, but it doesn’t work.

What is the error message?

i tried to use this script too in my worksheet, but still doesn’t work for me

This is the error massage, i’m using wombat package. Or is not working because different version dynamo that i use?

You don’t feed the node with level. You connected a function “Elevation to Level”
Try to use Levels node and select ones.

and i dont know why the wall like this :sob: … i just tried to follow some tutorial for my final assignment, but it makes me confused

i’ve done it, still not working sir

Can you connect as base offset 0?

i tried it before with code block and change it by number node but still not working