Announcing Wombat for Dynamo by Woods Bagot

Woods Bagot is excited to announce their new public package “Wombat” for Dynamo.

Wombat expands the range of operations available when scripting Revit. It opens up new ways of creating and querying Revit elements like walls, columns, roofs, and curtain wall systems, and provides handy utilities for managing data.​


Wombat was created by Andrew Heumann and Brian Ringley of the Woods Bagot Design Technology team.



Yay for some Australian animals as package names :smile:


Wall ByProfile??? :open_mouth:
Could you please provide an example of how it works? Mine seems to not like the curves.

Great package by the way!

is there documentation on this package?

I’ve added some basic documentation above.

We’re considering doing a PR to the Dynamo Dictionary (as the official-ish way to document Dynamo nodes):

Hi thank you!

Is your profile curve planar? And is it a polycurve? There are some API limitations to how Revit walls can be constructed in profile by curves.

@hzamaniM54WP, please open a topic for this request if you are in need of help. Also, supply any relevant screenshots and files.


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WombatDynamo 1.3 now available on the package manager - new features include Area tools, Workset tools, and Family Instance Flip.


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hi. what is Location Line. I try Centerline - Interior - Finish Face: Interior and more but it dosnt work.
can anybody give me an Instruction ?