Wall.ByFace, Wall.ByProfile how to?

I installed the clockwork wombat packages.
Clockwork should have a Wall.ByFace node and Wombat a Wall.ByProfile node. But none of those nodes show up.

Does anyone know why they might not show up?
What should I use to make walls by profiles?


Are you sure you have installed the correct version for your Dynamo version?
Can’t think of anything else.

Clockwork no longer has a Wall.ByFace node. Use the OOTB node of the same name instead. https://github.com/andydandy74/ClockworkForDynamo/wiki/Deprecated-Nodes-&-Packages#clockwork-for-dynamo-1x


@PauLtus, my dynamo version is
@Andreas_Dieckmann, I don’t know what you mean with OOTB. Whn I search I only get something called “Buckyball”

Is there no node to create a wall by profile in any of those packages? I searched without much luck.

OOTB = out of the box, i.e. part of a standard dynamo installation. It may not be in your version of Dynamo yet. In that case you can use Clockwork v1.0.3 which still has that node.

My Dynamo version is Up-to-Date (according to the About panel) and still I don’t have the Wall.ByFace node.
There’s only ByCurveAndHeight and ByCurveAndLevels. That’s why I’m confused.

Clockwork v1.0.3 has Wall.ByFace, yes! How about Wall.ByProfile?

The current version is 1.3.2. What Revit are you in?

Ok, good to know. I’m on 2017.2

Yep - you need an upgrade.


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Wall.ByFace returns empty list. See topic here: