Wombat package wall by profile node problem

hi everyone,

i’m a dynamo newbie and trying to learn what it does, what i can do. at this project i am trying to create interior wall finishes via wall surface and i used the wall.byprofile node in wombatdynamo package. in the first script layout, i used room geometry to get surfaces. but the node didn’t work on a surface.

the overview of revit file and dynamo script;

the surface; (1st script)

on the other hand when i chose all the wall surfaces to create wall finishes, the script worked. (2nd script)

i don’t understand what’s the difference between them? these surfaces look like same to me. is there anyone who can explain what’s the problem here?

also i wonder if there is any node that let me edit an existing wall’s profile? if it is, that way i can use a workaround for this problem. please be consider that i don’t know any programming language.

the files;
20190512_WallProfileExp.rvt (1.5 MB) (2020)
20190512_WallProfileExp.dyn (56.1 KB)

Trying to figure out the same. could you please tell me if you were able to solve this? thanks