How to approach building this morphing pattern

I would like to create this pattern in dynamo with cell and base surface input from Alias. How should we proceed. Please suggest

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I would create a grid in Dynamo and then use a revit adaptive family to create the cells in Revit.

If Revit is not an option (I’m not a Revit expert), and you want to handle it in Alias with Dynamo, why do you want the cell information to be created in Alias?
Could you provide a sample input file from Alias? Then I could better answer your question.

Thank you for your reply.
I havnt created any input data regarding this pattern.

My idea is to create an algorithm from this design, which can work for multiple cell designs and surface volumes.

I want to control the base surface volume and the cell designs. Finally morph the edges of the cell to the base surface.


How I would approach it:
Take a planar surface in Alias, and distribute equally spaced points on it using Dynamo (e.g. something 15 by 50 in your example picture).
Take that surface, copy it, and shape it the way you see on your picture. Distribute the same amount of points on that one.
Define a subd or Nurbs shape on your planar surface, outgoing from the center point (in red on my picture). Scale that shape according to the distance (in green on my picture) of each point of your original surface, compared to the shaped one.
The further away your point on the shaped surface is to its counter point on the planar one, the bigger / more excessive your shape get


Thank you very much for your reply. I was browsing through the forum and found this.

I belive Similar application can solve this pattern.