Working from and to Alias Surface with Dynamo Studio

Looking for feedbacks/advice of people who are working with Alias and Dynamo studio. Just starting on with Dynamo, I have only been playing with grasshopper so far. Thanks !

Hello Charlotte,

What kind of surfaces are you talking? I’ve played with Alias geometry imported as a .SAT file into Dynamo Studio.

One problem we ran into was the ‘Order of Creation’ of the surfaces from Alias - if you try and ‘stitch’ them in Dynamo they may turn out checkered. To alleviate the issue in our particular case, we used a bounding box to extract the overall geometry, divided our surface on that top plane and effectively ‘draped’ that division onto the original geometry through an intersection.

Hello Sol,

Thanks you, you already helped me out with pointing out the export in .SAT , I was trying with some .DWG export and couldn’t get it working ! At the moment, I am trying to translate some panneling pattern I did some time ago in Grasshopper with more or less success… I only tried with simple patch surfaces for now.

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