Suggestion; Adaptive component for "Alias"!

I am Alias user, i accidentally watched some topics on adaptive components on revit and dynamo interoperability.
I was hocked by the neatness of the process of making pattern based on 3 or 4 points generated from dynamo’s math, and then modeling freely based on those points as a unit.
I think it is a big loss for Alias users not to benefit from this technique which will be useful in generating complex patterns that modeled in Alias and distributed on points grid from dynamo.
For example, a grill of car, it would be super easy to model the unit of that grill and make it adaptive component, then apply to the points grid in dynamo.
I know that both revit and Alias are completely 2 different beasts, but a package with similar functionality would be a worthy addition to Alias, the new member to parametric universe.
Thanks and waiting for opinions and feasibility

you can think of an adaptive component as a function of n input points. You can make a custom node, python node, or c# node in dynamo which takes a list of input points and returns some geometry. Then you feed lists of lists of points to that function. This is one conceptually similar approach.

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Seems practical, the only problem that i know nothing about programing languages, So i hope that Autodesk team, or an eager programmer would consider making that in the near future.

well the first option is to use a custom node, which only requires using dynamo nodes, and the custom node functionality which lets you embed a graph within a node. It’s tricky sometimes and not as reliable/easy to debug, as the other methods, but it would be a good starting point and is flexible.