Dynamo for alias 2019 samples files

everybody,I have a question,one of the samples files of dynamo for alias,there are some complex but amazing surfaces,how to build it,is there any tips. can anybody give a hand.
here is the screenshot:

search the internet for conceptual mass in Revit

Are you talking about the surfaces on the top right? Pretty sure that those have been built in Alias (or a similar 3D CAD system)?
Or are you talking about how to create meshes from those (mesh on the bottom left)?

I mean the mesh on the left,how to achieve that

Do you want to create it in Revit or Alias?

Looks like a use of the pattern toolkit but I cannot confirm. Perhaps @vfongwm can shed some light?

In Alias,I really dont know how to build it although Im good at Alias. So,do you know how to achieve it in revit

To learn how to build that in Alias, I would ask on the Alias product forums.

In Revit
image div_surf.rfa (556 KB)

Im good at Alias,In Alias,I think its not possible to build that,:joy:
by the way,dynamo is a new plug-in,nearly all Alias users don`t know about it

thankyou for your work,I want to know,can you achieve it in two or more sufaces just like my post photos,the surfaces have been evenly subdivided

its possible, but i suggest you try it yourself

ok,thankyou very much ,I`m installing revit now,if there are any problems during my trying,would you give a hand,:joy:

What do you want to do with the mesh? In Alias, using “Surface Edit -> Stitch -> Shell Stitch”, and then “Mesh - Nurbs to Mesh” doesn’t do the job?

I want to send the mesh to dynamo,then do some parametic design like evenly subdivide it from u and v,on the contrary,if there more than one surface.each surface have different u&v.dynamo can’t evenly subdivide them.

I have tried your idea.the result is the mesh can’t be send to dynamo.maybe,it is not created in alias
damn it,I have been troubled by it a long time.

how to exchange files between alias and revit.It seems that there is no common file format for both software

STL would be the option i would choose.
There is a free STL exporter for Revit on SourceForge here

And one on Github and one on the Autodesk App Store.

I spoke to a colleague, the result you see in the picture can be achieved by creating one polysurface out of the single surfaces, and then creating the mesh out of it using the mesh toolkit package for Dynamo.
The created mesh can’t be directly imported into Alias, but you can save it as STL, and then import it into Alias.
I hope this helps.

hi to all,
just a little remark, for some it may not be important, but for some others it might.
The mesh created is quad polys, stl are triangular polys.
So remeshing in any program, in that case in Dynamo can be a helpfull option if you need quads.
Unfortunately “Mesh.ExportMeshes” has different options but not one which makes quads.

Hi to all.
is there a way to create that surface with alias?
the surf in the example’s files it’s not a mesh, it’s a single surface with 3 x 3 degree and many span, but the particularity of this surface is the uniform distribution of cv.

i’ve try to recreate this surface in dynamo with tspline, i can build a new surface with uniform cvs but it’s not a single surface…

so, any kind of help ?