Help with Space Planning - Subhajit's Code

I am trying to implement Subhajit’s Automatic Space Planing code (start at 40 minutes)

The original data set is here:

I updated all the nodes to use the newer versions of Space Planning, but I am getting a lot of errors. It seems to mostly be the wrong argument types. I can’t get a hold of Subhajit, since he has no online presence.

Would anyone be able to dig into this? This seems like one of the most interesting uses of Dynamo and I’d love to be able to play around with it, even if it is by no means a beginner script.

I have to figure out a way to attach my files, since I’m a new user.


Here is the updated package

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@SamAB Got it to work partially. I seem to be missing the Circulation nodes in the installed Space Planning package
SPACE PLAN.dyn (81.3 KB)


Thanks Vikram!

Now it’ll be easier to get into the code and figure out what is what.

If you know of any documentation for the Space planning module, please let me know! :smile:

Thanks again!

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Not aware of any documentation. Not sure what Point2D and other such terms mean.
However, I intend to study this further as I work on developing something similar on my own using Design Script.
This was an informative share for me. Thanks @SamAB

If you’re interested in this, Subhajit has a Github for the project with some more advanced sample file.

Unfortunately, it’s the most spaghetti looking code I’ve ever seen and it’s quite scary to look at. Perhaps it will enlighten you.

Also, I have a feeling Subhajit has move on, his Autodesk email no longer works and he last updated this code a long time ago (August 2016). I hope this module lives on or that he start working on it again. I would love to automate the architectural programming process.


You might want to take a look at some of my reasonably successful attempts at doing so using Dynamo/Design Script (from about 2-3 years ago)


Hi Vikram,

You got any success on circulation node?
I tried but i am getting too many errors.
Can you share the file(WIP wil also serve good :slight_smile: )
I tried but i am getting too many errors.
Kindly help.

This is simply amazing!!

Can you please share how you are able to dot it?

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@mrityu I won’t be able to share the code, but can tell you it’s done completely with just Design Script

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Hi Vikram,

No problem!
Can you guide me from where i can look for the same. Any documents/videos etc. My requirement is to read data like room size, room type etc from excel and dynamo creates geometry for same accordingly, with corresponding data for the room in revit.

Any help from you can help me alot!
Thanks in advance.

How did you go about working out the circulation?

EDIT: Figured it out. They have a Space Layout package that has the missing Circulation nodes.

I must be missing something here. A bunch of my nodes keep coming up null. I’m not sure what is going on, but I could use some help. Space Planning Attempt2.dyn (82.7 KB)

I’m not sure what I am doing wrong with your script. It all seems to make sense, but when I run it I get a bunch of warnings. Is there an even more updated version of your script? A lot of the Space Planning nodes are coming up null and I am using the files you provided in your google drive.

Just a quick comment. The original SpacePlanning package seems to be deprecated. Have you tried the SpaceLayout package?


I have not. It looks like I have it installed, but I haven’t looked into it yet. I will give that a try

Check out this for docs

also all the research at

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Check out this for docs

also all the research at


Hi! This was a very helpful thread. I am looking to solve a very similar problem, but the technology has changed quite a bit since this. Does anyone know of a more current solution to generative building layout design? Perhaps using refinery?


Hi I don’t know if anyone related to the thrat will answer, but can somebody explain how the excel program file works?.. I’ve trying to load my own data but it won’t work…thanks!

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