Space Planning Problem (Using Kyle Martin's Graph)

Hi All,

I’ve attempted to replicate Kyle’s innovative Space Planning graph with limited success.
Most of it seems to work okay, except for the Parameters and Colours group - that’s where the wheels fall off for me.

This is the graph with the problem areas highlighted…

Here are the enlargements…

The index list at the beginning of the Parameters and Colours group doesn’t seem right to me, but I’m not sure why.

The correct number of Mass family instances were created, however, only one of the six placed actually had some of the parameters populated, and they are incorrect.

Can anyone see where I have gone wrong with this?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Not familiar with the workings of this graph. However, noticed one issue, there could be others as you are using a different List.Chop node

Well spotted Vikram! That has certainly helped.
Apparently, the List.ChopByLengths node was deprecated from Clockwork for Dynamo 0.9x.
The recommendation was to use the built-in node List.Chop instead.

I’m not sure if this node makes a difference, as I still end up with the same errors in the Parameters and Colour group.


In Parameters and colors…
Your list x has 4 items (indices 0 to 3), but you’re trying to extract items from index 5 and 6.

Post your file or images with the preview bubble and error messages expanded.

Hi Vikram,

I have attached images from both the Sorting, and Parameters & Colours groups.

The List.Chop node didn’t seem to give the desired result, so I retrieved the List.ChopByLength node from an earlier version of Clockwork for Dynamo (0.8.2).
That result doesn’t seem much better. Visually, it appears to be slightly different to the one Kyle used. This one is called List.ChopByLengths and has the output identified as seq, instead of list.

Bypassing the Sorting grouop has reduced the number of warnings, so I think the list length is right but the index configuration may need some work.

When run, the correct number of mass instances are placed, in the corresponding colours. The sizes aren’t correct and the spacing is inconsistent.

Thanks for your help,


Hi Mark,

I am just guessing here. It seems your element list is not matching with your values list. Can you show the elements lists which your trying to connect to "SetParameterNode?

Okay, I managed to fix the problem.

I don’t think I had enough entries in the excel file to generate a list long enough.
After adding entries to the excel file and modifying connections in the Sorting group (shown below), it worked!

Thanks for the assistance - much appreciated.


After switching the vector node and remapping the materials the graph works for me except that I am not able to use grips on the mass to resize the mass family in the project. Any thoughts? It doesn’t seem like anything is constrained or locked in these mass families.