Space Planning - Families and Dynamo

Anyone know what I’ve doing wrong here? I thought I had this thing down…
See attached .dyn, .rfa, excel files.

I don’t see why Dynamo isn’t seeing my mass planning family and organizing it. Its so close but I keep getting null values at the most important crunch point. Is there something wrong with my mass family? I used conceptual mass but should I have used the regular mass generic?

Room Schedule.xlsx (18.2 KB)

3D Room Programming Generator.dyn (105.2 KB)Mass Planning Test.rfa (456 KB)

Hi Ryan,

You are just about there - the only thing that seems to be wrong is you’ve used a Point.ByCoordinates instead of Vector.ByCoorindates - if you swap that over it seems to work fine. Remember to turn on your mass visibility in your views as well.

just to add I wouldn’t have worked this out myself I was just looking at another version of this same script!




You can thank Kyle Martin for doing it. I’m just following some stuff he did!

and thank you also, that was the problem, now it almost works. I have some colors wrong in the Revit file’s material palette but that’s easy to overcome.

Hi Ryan,

I was wondering if you managed to complete this fully? and what you had to do within your material palette? I seem to be at a similar stage you were at when you originally posted this, however some of my ‘SetParameterByName’ nodes and my ‘Material.ByName’ node are stil showing warnings.



Yes, I know exactly what you mean. This is my other forum identity by the way. When I’m at work.

So. The material has to be exactly, perfectly named the same ALREADY IN the revit file you’re pushing the blocks into. What I did was go into the revit model, /materials/ create new…etc…etc… yes. painstakingly create each material to match…on top of which I made my own naming convention so I had to change the code block script. Not a big deal, but took a while…specific to Fill Color in Materials and Finishes.

hnmmm…I suppose I could have used dynamo…to do that…for me…

Lastly, did you remember to select the correct Revit family for the Planning box.rfa up in the Instantiation group?
In pink group above all this. ohhhh, which reminds me…you have to have ALL of those materials in that space_planning.rfa family too!!

Does that help?

I tried putting the file together and I can not seem to figure out the color. Could I get some tips on how I can fix this? All the files are in the link.

I think Kyle has a new blog post coming with updates, standby.

I am just now seeing this post, you can find an updated blog post here:

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Does anybody know how to get auto tags for the room names of the spaces created by this script?

You need a generic model tag that has labels created for Room Name and Department. Revit will take it from there with the tag all un tagged

I have a quick question. Where I can find the Custom node " list.CountOccurences"? Thanks

Hello Schutzk,
First of all thank you for sharing that, and i would like to say that your code already worked for me. About the material you just have to create a new parameter in revit named Filled Color because your file doesn’t have that already. Also if i may ask you about moving the masses in revit, if i move it and then edited the excel file and run the script, it automatically back again to its first position. is there anyway to make it flexible?! Thanks again for sharing that :slight_smile:

Clockwork package

hi Ryan,

let’s say i have a building footprint in 7 floors and 8 unit types (residential condos)
can i use the same method and randomise the units based on a % ratio in all the floors?