Package: SpacePlanningProduction: SpacePlanning

Hi’ all,

I was browsing the Dynamo Packages site ([]) and found this package: SpacePlanningProduction: SpacePlanning. The author behind it is: DynamoTeam.
If this is what I think it is, I find this very interesting.

Unfortunately I havn’t been able to find any documentation or examples for using this package.
Any out there who knows more about this?


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@Martin_Romby This topic is of major interest to me too. In fact, I started my explorations with Design Script to see if I could generate spatial layouts with code.

This is related, maybe…

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@Vikram_Subbaiah I think You are right. Looks like it’s Anthony Hauck and Autodesk’s AEC Generative Design group who’s working with Perkins + Will on this project or vice versa.
Hopefully they will share their findings :slight_smile:


Hi guys. SpacePlanning is an earlier version of SpaceLayout. We’ll have to nuke SpacePlanning as obsolete. For best results, download “SpaceLayout” and dig into the “extra” folder for an updated and annotated graph, sample data, and documentation.

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Ive been following this for quite some time, and got it immediately when posted to buildinglab. Frankly its a bit too much for me to handle, but ive been playing with it ever since. thank you for this contribution. im surprised there aren’t much discussion around regarding this and energypredictML that i can find.

Yeah, it’s a bit of a beast. We have plans to refactor it a bit and turn it into an open source project, but we’ve been a bit busy with some other development.


This package is no longer available.