Development in Automatic Space Planning?

There seemed to have been a lot of movement in Space Planning, where you feed an architectural program into Dynamo and it gives you options. Howover, he software is obscure, seemingly not documented and seemingly no longer being updated.

There was some code by Subhajit Das, the “SpacePlanning” package, but he seems to have zero internet presence and the last update to his code was in Sept 2016.

There was also the SpaceLayout package that recieved more love, but it was last updated in October 2016.

I am wondering what the state of these techniques is? Is there a comprehensive way to play with this? Is anyone working on these issues? Is there a new package I should look at?

I’m anxious for AI to steal all of our jobs :slight_smile: Please help me do this by pointing me in the right direction!

The space planning package still works, and is well documented in the extras folder which accompanies the package.

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