Space planning tutorials

Hi guys I am looking forward for tutorials on"space planning using Dynamo" i found few links in the forum
especially Help with Space Planning - Subhajit's Code which impressed me the most ,but yet I think a tutorial could help better on it, I saw the video out there but trust me its really difficult to just rebuild a similar graph…!
for instance in the image below i tried setting site coverage to 100% yet building outline grid cells aren’t matching the site inset…!

Do you have a detailed tutorial or some materials that would enable me to make my first SPG…?


I’m wondering if you found an answer to your question? I am having a similar problem, but it is in regards to the departments not filling 100% of the site. I am using my building footprint as the “site outline”, so I want the departments to use the whole footprint without any extra space. I thought it was the Site Coverage input, but I’m not sure, and can’t find an input that adjusts this to a desirable output.


@kristinaEB got no help yet…!

Did you ever find an answer to your question? I am having troubles with similar problem.

dont know if this helps but here is a link :smiley:

Thank you! This is helpful, but not quite what I’m looking for. I’m solving a problem very similar to what Subhajit solved in 2016, but with the current technology. I think my problems moreso fall under the Space Layout package than it does the Analysis package, but I appreciate the link!

Hi @saju_autodesk
Any help on this yet??

what packages is coming frome that node?