Get Parameter Value of Elements in Linked RVT

Hi guys,

Could any body help me to find out solution for get parameter value of elements in linked rvt document ? Node or Python script is also much appreciated.

I have tried one python script but error appeared.

Thank you very much for your help !

Hi @Lam_Hung,

If you don’t mind custom packages, you can get parameters values from linked files.

If you would like to code it in Python, you can open these custom nodes to see what’s inside.

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Thank you very much ! But actually, I just try to make it the same as Dynamo node “Element.GetParameterValueByName” , but for the linked elements, not for the elements in active project.


Could you check it ?

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Hi @Lam_Hung,

The first 3 nodes in my picture will get you the linked elements, of the chosen category.
Than you can do some filtering to select only the elements you want.
As the last step you can replace the Element.Parameters node by the one in your picture.

As mentioned before, if you want to code it in Python (i can’t help you) but you could rightclick the first 2 nodes to check what Python code is inside.

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Hi Mark,

I used the same node as you showed above, but I don’t why mine didn’t work.
I have two linked models and one of them are MEP model. I want to get all pipes from that linked model. Please advise me.

You should list the “Link doc” and select the correct file. Try to select it with a code block like x[0].


Oh yes, I got it.
Thank you very much.

i have linked only one document if u require to select document use code block x[0]

or use item at index node as given below

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Thanks for offering different options.

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