Cant extract Parameter Values from Linked Elements

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so after searching for a Long time and trying out different approaches and Solutions which didnt work out for me i decided to write a post about my Problem.

I am extracting Elements from a linked file. When I use the Node “Element.Parameters” I can see the Parameter Values. But when I use “Element.GetParameterValueByName” I often get a Null-Value at many Parameters. (See Picture)
Exampel by Upper Limit, Phase-ID ect…

My Goal is to extract all Values from the Linked Elements.

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The linked phase is different from your phase. GetParameterValue is trying to return the phase element (not a name) which doesn’t exist in your document.

Thanks for the Answer. But I Linked the “GetparameterValueByName” to the “Get All Elements from Linked Model”. Then It should search for the values of the elements in the linked Model and not in the current Document, even though im in a diffenrent Phase. How could I correct this?

That’s not exactly how it works. You can query values from linked elements, however the parameter value for Phase is an actual element (as you can see in my screenshot). By default Dynamo is only looking at the current document, so when Dynamo tries to return the Phase value for your linked elements it can’t find the Phase element in the current project. My main model and my Link in this example came from the same template. That’s why the default New Construction phase has the same Id and therefore shows up for some of the linked elements. The additional phases used do not show up.

You would have to write your own Python code in order to get the phase from the linked document.

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Ah… okay. This might then also be the reason why I have trouble extracting values like the “Upper Limit” of the Rooms and “Calculated Cooling Load” which returns a “Blank” Value. I have noticed that some of the troblesome Parametervalues belongs to the “Room Instance Properties” and “Room Type Properties”.
Ill try to dig deeper into this and upload further infomation when find something interesting.


Type parameters need to be pulled from the family type. Try FamilyInstance.Type to convert your element to its family type.

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I did try using FamilyInstance.Type and other Family Nodes… but I alway get a Null-Result, because the Nodes are searching for a match in the Host Document it seems. But after trying out a lot of alternative Nodes to the ones showed above i finally got a little closer. The Node “LunchBox Get Parameter Value” from the LunchBox Package can extract all Values from the linked Parameters but return them all as strings.