GetParameterByName returns null values

Hello everyone,
I’m having some strange issue with this basic task in Dynamo: getting a type parameter value from some elements in a linked revit file. I’ve never had this kind of problems and I really don’t know how to solve it. May it be caused by the linked model? I’ve already tried some changes like “overlay” and “attachmend” mode.

Thank you in advance!


Hi @balz5ETXQ

Can you send .rvt file


As when you obtain type parameter values from the current document, you need to get the type of the instance.

Use the node Element.ElementType after your List.Flatten, and it should work.

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Thanks Martin but unfortunately I already get element types with the collector node so the Element.ElementType returns an error.

This is the message


Edit: Sorry, I must be rusty :-).

Try the Element.ElementType+ from Clockwork:

The OOTB nodes can’t return Elements that reside in linked documents, and thus the node fails.

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