Linked Wall Family and Type

Hello all,

What’s the best way to get a Linked walls family and type? I am able to get it from some of the walls but not all of them.

Warrnings are both the same:
Warning: Element.GetParameterValueByName operation failed.
Could not obtain element from the current document! The id may not be valid.


That is because the Get Parameter nodes works in the context of the current doc, not the linked doc. If you want to get that info you may need to use a package like Beaker or Orchid to get it from the linked doc.

Maybe some help here

Or here:

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Hi @Steven

You could also use Clockwork’s ElementType+ node:

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And to get family use Rhythm’s Element.Parent Family node:

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And here is by using OOTB nodes:


Perfect thank you both. I will implement one of these tomorrow and let you know how it goes.

It’s strange that Parameters will get the information but the by the parameter its self. I will look into this myself more.

Thanks :blush:

@Steven in addition to the useful solutions provided, I can add this node to the LinkElement class:



Thomas that would be a great addition. I am already using half of BimorphNodes for this script and was looking in your package for something like that.

No problem, if I find time this week to do some tests (the node is already developed), I’ll get it published and update this thread so you know when its available on the package manager - glad to hear BimorphNodes is proving useful.

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It is indeed. Overall I have to copy monitor a bunch of walls and need them to be the same type. May not be the best way but I am getting all of the walls from both models and checking to see if a linked wall is in the BBox of the host models wall. I know this is very processor heavy but BoundingBox.GetElementsInside chews it right up. Thanks for all of your help.

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Hi @Steven there’s an updated version of BimorphNodes (v2.4) available on the package manager which includes the new LinkElement.GetParameterValueByName node:


Hi @Thomas_Mahon

Good job :+1: as always :clap:

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