Excel Nodes Fail Dynamo 1.1.0

Been having issues with this lately, has anyone else noticed this. I swear it used to work! :neutral_face:

  • Dynamo 1.1.0
  • Revit 2016
  • Excel 2010


This has been reported as a issue for other dynamo version here and may be worth adding yours to it because it seems to be a weird but common issue.

Hi John,
We can’t reproduce this just doing a basic manual check (r2016, Excel 2010, Dynamo 1.1), can you tell us anything else about your setup? Have you installed or uninstalled anything else recently? We have had issues in the past with conflicting installations of excel libraries with Visual Studio, for instance.


Thanks for the replies @Brendan_Cassidy and @Zach_Kron.

I have recently installed python tools for visual studio, but I have a coworker who doesn’t have that and is having the same issue.

The other unfortunate portion of this is, I can’t recall the last time I used the excel nodes. My IT dept re-imaged my machine a few months ago. It could have been before they did that was the last time I used the excel nodes.

They have also became more hardcore with restrictions, so would there be anything to do with the APPDATA location of my disk?

@john_pierson You could try the following to get around the issue, it uses a toggled if statement that has the read excel from out of the box and another one from bumblebee package because the bumblebee version still works if the out of the box one doesn’t.

@Brendan_Cassidy My bumblebee wasn’t working either. But after checking it out I changed the following line of code.


It appears I didn’t have it installed in 1.0

If bumblebee at least works I am pretty happy for now. Excellent work @Konrad_K_Sobon

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Although, I would like to pinpoint what is going on with the OOTB nodes. @Zach_Kron, let me know what you need from me.

I have noticed that the OOTB node does not open the Excel sheet on the computer with the issue but does open when wanting to read it on the one that does not have the issue.

Do you have, or have you ever had Excel 2007 installed on these machines?

I haven’t had 2007. I’ve been on 2010 ever since I have used Dynamo.

@john_pierson- can you trying running the sample excel files? Look under Help > Samples > ImportExport.
Then, try the “ImportExportData to Excel” and “ImportExportExcel to Dynamo” graphs. Let us know what happens.

I had this same problem after installing a new version of Office (Skype install also causes the same issue), then rolling back to an older version. The solution is to remove the keys relating to the newer version from the registry…problem is this happened a while back and I cant tell you which one I removed to solve it! Maybe someone else on the forum who is from an IT background can shed some more light as to which key it is.

How about trasnfer Excel to CSV and try?

It works quite well!!

That’s what I have been doing as well :slight_smile: It works great, but I would still like to pinpoint the issue though.

I had the same issue with Excel using revit 2015/2016, dynamo 1.0 &1.1 on Windows 10. So i started using flux.io to get around it, never thought of using a csv file. The issue looks to be with excel as when I try to write to excel, Excel opens but the flux addin tab for excel is missing and no data written. Then I manually open excel the flux tab is there for excel?? The same thing happened when I’d no flux addin installed.

Same thing happens on my colleagues machine. Excel has issues.

Can you please send us your Dynamo log files? They can be found under C:\Users\you\AppData\Roaming\Dynamo\Dynamo Core\1.1\Logs (or 1.0). Also, for those of you still experiencing issues with our Excel sample files, is it possible for us to remote into your machine, RDC, WebEx etc? Thanks.

I’ll get the logs together. And for remote access, I would either have to go through my IT (pain) or just go ahead and do a google hangout or something.

Thanks @john_pierson - Google Hangout is fine for us.

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@Neal_Burnham, let me know what time frame works for you and we can meet if you think it is useful.

I have also noticed recently that even some addins that use excel are not working, so I am very sure this is on my end.