Export to Excel Not Working?

Does anyone know if there is a issue with the below Dynamo build exporting to excel? I am getting a warning on the OTB node.


Is the Excel file already open?
What version of Excel?
Can you open it without any message (like sign in)?
Can you use the ImportExcel node properlt?

I had a similar issue recently, but with the Data.ImportExcel node. Reinstalling Office 365 solved it.


A reinstall is indeed what fixed it. Thank you!


Hi a reinstallation of Microsoft Excel or Dynamo plugin?

I’m having the same issue right now.

Hi there,

Microsoft Excel



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And the reinstallation of Office 365 worked.

I had this issue and I had excel reinstalled, everything went ack to working.
Then after a few months it stopped working again. I had excel reinstalled again, then a few weeks later it stopped working again.

Any idea what is going on? I can’t have excell constantly reinstalled.


Yep unfortunately this issue tends to resurface when updates are installed. The typical solution from adsk is ‘we have xml based nodes in installed in dynamo for revit 2022’. Unfortunately not every firm/project has reached 2022 as we all know in reality.

Having shared your frustration, I built nodes for my package (Crumple) that use Python and are more reliable in my experience for this type of scenario, maybe see if they help. They’re under Application > Excel in the package, and use a Python node so you can lift it out if you need to go packageless.

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I had an older version of your package without excel.
I just updated to the current and it worked! Thanks, as you mentioned we are still on 2020 due to big jobs taking awhile and being a mechanical contractor.
Along with that xml wouldn’t be convent given I’m exporting a pipe cut list that needs to be in a formatted document and printed.

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Thanks, I updated the version package and can see the Excel nodes now. However, I still am not able to export. Any ideas? Script below.

Do you have the Excel file open whilst running the script? The method I use typically needs the file to be closed in order to read or write I think. Otherwise it looks OK, if you are providing a file path (string), sheet name (string) and a 2D matrix (row x column) then it should write.

When I export each character is in a cell, this doesn’t seem ideal for exporting data.


And that isnt an ideal data structure for excel export. If you are using a 1D list, it will iterate over each item as if it were a list (which Python can do as strings are iterable). Excel nodes work best if you use row x column format for your data going out. Import an excel file to Dynamo to see what I mean.

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Ok I figured I was probably doing something wrong, thanks!

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