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Im trying to fetch the Shared coordinates location of my piles and write them into some custom parameters i made.
Normally the Element.Location type nodes do the trick, but they dont seem to be in this case.
I have a Structural project which is set up using Shared Coordinates (Survey point is at 0,0 and Base point is in a set location). When i use the normal methods of retrieving the elements location i am getting the coordinates from the base point, i do not want this, i want the coordinates from the Survey Point (same as the spot coordinates annotation)
I have tried a few logic workarounds, adding the element.location onto the base point coordinates but this isn’t giving me what i am looking for.
I have searched the forums etc but found nothing that solves my issue.
Hopefully it is something obvious i am missing and someone can point me in the right direction.
I’ve attached the definition ive made along with a cleaned up example Revit file.

The definition is numbering the Piles along a selected curve (the red line) and also getting the coordinates. It should be straight forward to understand

Any help is appreciated.
Example Coordinates model.rvt (1.6 MB)
Example Coords Definition.dyn (29.3 KB)

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This isn’t working as there is a rotation with respect to the True North. You will need to transform the Coordinate System.
Example Coords Definition-Vikram.dyn (41.2 KB)


Hi @Alisder_Brown

Here is another possible way.

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@Vikram_Subbaiah to the rescue again!

This does the trick! Thank you very much :slight_smile:
I tried to get the points and rotate them round survey point to account for the Angle to true north but had no luck. Your way works perfectly.

Very much appreciated

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Extra thanks from me Vikram_Subbaiah!

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what would be the process if you wanted to use the Element.SetLocation node? I have an Excel file with as built E and N coordinates and thus the location of the piles need to updated.



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Sorry to necro this thread - Vikram, does this translation only work if the project base point is located at the origin? I’m trying to report some key coordinates to excel but I can only make this work accurately if PBP is at the startup location…

For reference I’m trying to convert dynamo model coordinates to survey coordinates - in essence I want to get the survey coordinates of the model origin regardless of the location of the PBP.

Don’t completely recollect the logic behind the workflow I’ve provided above, but you could try replacing CoordinateSystem.Identity with a Coordinate System that corresponds your Project Base Point.

Hi Vikram,

Using what you had plus a post over on linkedin I think I’m there. As an exercise I have to say I’ve found this a lot more tricky than what I thought it would be!!

Model Origin Survey Coordinates.dyn (17.5 KB)

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I know this over 1 year ago, but I gave it a try and if I use 0,0,0 I get the shared coordinates of the Project base Point not of the Project Origin…
Any idea why?

From memory you should. Dynamo by default reports the coordinates of any element relative to the project origin so you don’t need to convert to that. There’s another thread I started about this here which might help;

Thank you so much!

hey , i was trying to use this script to my model and not having the results i expected…any clue?

Might need a bit more info…

I made a more involved script available over on LinkedIn along with a bit of background - maybe worth trying that?

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so… this base point you are talking about is not in revit?

The article is mostly about getting Tekla IFC exports to align in Revit but the script pulls out every base point and related values.

so you think that only using dynamo is not possible?

Sorry, I don’t follow…

The dynamo script linked in the article is designed to pull all the coordinate data from a model - it then exports it to Excel to make that easy to understand but everything you want to do will be in that script but you’ll need to unpick it to get exactly what you need.

I don’t know what your end goal is or indeed any part of your goal so I can’t really add anything else… sorry…