Getting Element Location with respect to Survey Point

I’m trying to extract the coordinates of Piles in the default Sample Revit Architecture project. I want to extract the same values of coordinates as can be seen in Revit while tagging the Piles with the Spot Coordinates command (Coordinate Base: Survey Point).

But I see major deviations in the coordinates values in my graph. See the OOTB Base Point and Survey Point nodes and the Get Project Location node from GeniusLoci.

You may also need to rotate your coordinate system to compensate for angle to true north.


Tried to rotate the coordinate system with positive/negative “angle to true north”.

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Hello @theshysnail ,
Can you please share this sample .rvt file with columns and same project coordinates data.

It’s the rac_basic_sample_project that comes with Revit without any modification. If you need the Dynamo file I can share it.