Shared Coordinates

I need to be able to get the shared coordinates by using Python and not nodes, as I want to change the site location prior to getting these coordinates. I am trying to convert my element coordinates after changing the “current” shared site location. I have multiple shared site locations and need to be able to work with coordinates from one that may not be active or current. Is this possible?

I am able to change the current site location, but when I pull the coordinates it still references the previous current coordinates. I believe this is due to the way dynamo processes. Using nodes it pulls the coordinates prior to processing the change in site location. I have tried using end and start transaction nodes without success. I have also tried utilizing the passthrough node, but also to no avail.

I would first change the site location, regenerate the document, and then get the elements’ coordinates.

I found a python script in my searches that has helped me with this endeavor.