Dynamo Coordinates - Project Issue

Hi All,

The attached script based on an example provided by Vikram (Link below). Have been using it to great success for extracting coordinate information from Revit.

CUR_DYN_X-Project-Survey_Coordinates.dyn (30.9 KB)

The script has been working fine until a recent project where it was giving some strange outputs. Hoping the forum can give me some input to what could be causing the issue.

The project in question had the survey point and project base point set up to the following:

1 2

Running the script give the survey point positioning as the following, it should be 0,0,0.

This ultimately gives incorrect readings to the pile locations.

4 5

Can anyone shed any light what causes this?

Seem to get the following error reading from “Element.GetLocation”. I have read online that this node can often cause issues.

Any input would be gratefully appreciated.

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Can you send the Revit file over? It’s hard to see what you have done with just snap shots

Create an X at the Revit origin (model lines by curves) and ensure the project base point aligns with the origin.

Hi Jacob,

How do you add a point at the Revit Origin? Is there a node that you would suggest?

point.bycoordinates and just put it (0,0,0) should do it. and see if thats in the same place as your project base point. then creat another point anywhere and connect the two with the lin.bypoints node.


Sorry Friday afternoon moment.

Point by coordinates only produces a point within Dynamo. The point is not visible within the Revit project.

if you make a line it will be. or you could place an family by point instead.

Try this:

Very Efficient @Johannes_Meiners!

I personally prefer the “x marks the spot” graphic though. To get an X use this in a code block:

			{-10, 10, -10, 10},
			{-10, 10, 10, -10},

That works well, how would you make that appear in the Revit project?

Both scripts make a mode line at the 0,0 location. Watch the resulting output and use a select by ID command in Revit so you can locate the lines in the job. Then quickly do a visual comparison between the new geometry and the survey point and project base point.

I wrote a node to get the coordinates based on the transform matrix. You can try to donwload DynaTools and use the node GetRealCoordinates.

I’m in this similar situation now, trying to figure out why my Revit coordinates doesn’t match with the result from the Dynamo script.

PB and SP.pdf (360.0 KB)