Placing elements by survey point coordinates not project base point

I’m trying to place elements in a model based on known coordinates but all the coordinates are relative to the survey point not the project base point. I have the graph working exactly how I want it, other than it places the elements relative to the project base point.

Is there any way to change this? I have put the project base point at the survey point, all the families are in the right place but as soon as I move the project base point, everything moves with it.

Hello, did you see this thread already?

I didn’t but have worked something similar, it then places in the correct position relative to the survey base point using the transform functions.

It might be easier if I explain what I’m doing. I want to create a map of all the known control points of a campus, then each project will have a different project base point but the same survey point. Then the control points can be used to check the correct positioning.

So I want to make them to always be relative to the survey point (even when not running the script) rather than the project base point. If it can’t I can just create a separate control points file and link it, wouldn’t be the end of the world!

This could maybe help (but I didn’t test it yet in real conditions):

The placed family instance could of course be a dummy cube instead…