Coordinates reporting with Shared coordinates system


I tried to report coordinates within model (using by sharing coordinates positioning) to schedule it, but i got different values as shown.

I searched on forum to find what is wrong and tried too many workflows but no luck.
These are my references:

coordinates reporting.dyn (38.7 KB)
Coordinates Reporting.rvt (3.1 MB)

I downloaded and ran the dyn file you shared and it did not give an error.
Can you share what you wrote in the error? maybe there is a problem with the coordinate. can you open node footer. :slight_smile:

I attached Revit Model as well, could you please check it?

I suggest you try this. It works fine when I run it with your Revit file.

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Thanks, it works now :clap: :clap:.
Could you please explain what is the difference between both workflow?


I am currently working on a job where they are asking us to provide coordinates for several elements (wall intersections, columns, etc.). With this in mind I have created a revit family with Instance shared parameters that will allow me to shedule them in Revit. My main issue is how to get that information in the family, so I decided to give Dynamo a try.
I followed a few scripts that can be found in the forum but I can’t seem to get the right coordinates accross to the family. Do you think it might be related with the “code block node” input that is missing to the CoordinateSystem.Rotate?

I’ve attach the dummy .rvt file and the script
I’m using the same Survey point and Project base point on the original job).
Any help will be welcome.
Many thanks.

Write coordinates into Generic model family 03.dyn (31.1 KB)
Write coordinates into Generic model family 03.rvt (6.9 MB)