Element.Geometry returns null with Floors

Element.Geometry returns null in more than half of the floors that I need to work with. I have to get to the top surface of the floors.
All floors are sloped, with modified sub elements.

Changing the working range would result it changing percentage of null values, but won’t get rid of them.
(S - 43%; M - 40 % L - 20 % XL - 92% of elements return null geometry).
The problem is not with the working range though, as some of the elements don’t return any geometry no matter what, even isolated in a new project.

Any ideas how to get to that geometry?

test_floor_R2018.rvt (1.5 MB)

I had a similar problem when the boundary lines of a floor were very short in some part of the floor, or the angle was too sharp. Maybe try to simplify the boundary lines?

Hi @rastermadre

Looks like you have planar shape floors. Try using “Springs.Collector.Element.Sketch” node from spring nodes package.

not it, this one couldn’t be more simple, but the geometry is still null.

my bad, i should have mentioned that I need to get to the top surface of the floors.

thanks for the node suggestion though, will come in handy in other situations.

Select face maybe?

Thanks, it worked
But in search for the top surface I’ve found my answer here:

The Python script proved slightly more accurate, although it’s not 100% precise with the floors cut by floor openings.

Revit Geometry conversion method:


Face selection method:

Hi, try exporting a SAT file from the view then importing the geometry back into Dynamo. https://forum.dynamobim.com/t/revit-floor-getting-the-element-geometry-problem/17855/15?u=alex_shovelton