Revit Floor getting the Element.Geometry problem


Hi there and a happy new year 2018,

I starting with a, maybe, old problem. I select a floor by “Select Model Element” and want to export this floor in a .SAT File for our CNC-Machine. I get an error with the “Element.Geometry” Node. I saw I’m not the only one with this problem but still couldn’t find an answer. Is it possible to convert a floor Systemfamily into a solid?




Could you show us the error of the “Element.Geometry”-node?


Yes, you mean this…


well…my node works
Have you tryed to restart Revit and Dynamo?


Yes I did, multiple times. Did you select a floor, because I think those are making trouble…


ok/ yes i selected a floor/ sorry…can’t help you

How does your floor look like?


Post a revit file with the offending floor and the DYN. It may be that the selected floor has bogus geometry.


It does not depend on the geometry I think it is just the type floor… I’m using Revit 2017.2. Here are the examples:xxx.dyn (9.3 KB)
Projekt_Floor.rvt (1.6 MB)


Im not shure what is work correctly but try:

import clr
import Revit
OUT = [UnwrapElement(i).ToProtoType(True) for i in IN[0]]

one moment:

at second geometry floor you catch this error
Traceback (most recent call last):
** File “”, line 6, in **
StandardError: Unable to trim surface as the input loop geometry could be illegal


hm, it works with simple geometry but I still have problems with curves like you… Is there no way to convert a floor element into a “dynamo” solid. Maybe I should try this with C# and not with Dynamo. I need to export this complex floor geometry into single dxf oder .sat files for the CNC machine… maybe I should group them first and then save the group as .rvt and then export as dxf… but I think those are to many steps between. I’ll think about this over the weekend. Thanks for your support so far.


Yes, my answer its not solution for you )

you may to try get floor curves end extrude them - you take that geometries … but it’s a long and bad way, I think exist a solution easier


you could try this:


Good Idea!)

I think this real solution for you from @Fiesta )


Thank you @Fiesta. This is really a great idea, now it works!