Element.Geometry returns NULL

I am posting this topic here, because i have been trying to figure out this thing for three days. The problem is that when i pick left geometry with Select Model Element i get as a result NULL… Does anyone have idea why this is happening? I am attaching link to Revit project file with geometry, the middle geometry is working fine but left and right elements are returning null.

Project file: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/8qlowqunplx25mc/AAB6M7VH3rVDp0vRqvnnNOJ3a?dl=0

Some elements don’t generate geometry by default. My guess is that you’ve selected something but not something which has a geometry that can not be readily recreated with that node.

I ran into this a few weeks back when trying to build room geometries that had some really irregular room geometry.

Can you clue us in as to what you have selected?

I have selected Structural framing element, but i was surprissed by this result, since the middle element in file ( attached revit project file) is the same element and that element is working fine, but any element that is attached to middle element is not working… Also i am not looking for dynamo solid, i just need 1 line from this element.

Are your object appearing in the list when using Structural Framing Types / All Elements of Family Type nodes?

Hi @Jan_Secnik I don’t know which line exactly you need but I assume this could be helpful

You can use the Framing Location Line and use it to access the line you need or even use it directly if this is the line you need. From this node also you can see that the left and the right element have EllipseArc as location line and that could be the problem getting their geometry directly.

Hope this helps!

they do. like i said. Since i am not the designer of this project/element i also checked if it is Model in-place element, mass element etc.

hmmm didnt try that method :D… i just need 1 line from the object for the path of array :)… let me try if rest of the script works properly…

EllipseArc location line is not ordinary way to assign Structural framing element, so I beleive it is more complicated and the Geometry of the Element from the example itself. That is why the Element.Geometry node is not working, I guess.

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I think you just found the answer to this problem :slight_smile: , the middle element has arc as location line, while problematic element has elipsearc… also thank you for the solution of my script :slight_smile:

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Structural framing by nurbs curve here:

I am trying to create rebar script, and i need path for the array :), i am not creating structural framing elements… but thank you anyways :slight_smile: