Dynaworks - Got incorrect Clash Points location when import Clash Test back to Revit

Hi all,

I’m having problems with importing Navisworks Clash Points back to Revit using Dynaworks Nodes, all clash points are not in correct position and quite far away from the model, anyone experiencing the same problem or know how to fix it?

Thank you so much.

I can see in your graph you are translating between coordinate systems- you are on the right track here
It is most likely something to do with internal coordinates vs project base point etc.

I have taken a slightly different approach in the past by processing the XML clash report from Navisworks using Dynamo
(rather than using the Dynaworks nodes- I found the performance of Dynaworks was very slow)
Refer Dynamo: performance

My suggestion is to troubleshoot using a file with just one or two clashes- and compare the object intended position vs actual & work out where it is going wrong. Since you are feeding in the name to the comments parameter- you should be able to correlate the two

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Thanks @Andrew_Hannell. I’ll try your suggestion.

@letuandinh and also this link

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I’m working on the same kind of script this week by chance. My solution this far:

  • don’t use the metric nodes, so GetClashPoint instead of mGetGlashPoint. Although I’m working in a metric system, the mGetClashPoint seems to shrink it to feet;
  • I use the Geometry.Rotate node to rotate all the clash points around the project base point (which sits at 0,0,0). Only condition so far: I have to select the PBP in the model so it can read the Angle to True North parameter.


I noticed a difference in behavior when the clashed models are a NWC or IFC. In the example above I’ve clashed two IFC’s, the results are usefull when you use the GetClashPoint node.

Also tested it with two NWC’s, and suddenly the mGetClashPoint is of use, plus you’ve got to multiply the coordinates by 1000.

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