Coordinate Translation - Dynaworks clash points

Hi All,

Im working through a script using dynaworks17 to place spheres in locations imported from a clash test, however these are always placed in incorrectly if the base point/survey point are not alighted in terms of location or orientation.

Im trying to use the geometry.transform node to rectify this, but unfortunately the same error is occurring.

Note that I have seen Dynaworks - Got incorrect Clash Points location when import Clash Test back to Revit but this technique returns simular results.

Can anyone assist?


could u show me the values of PrjectBase Point.

Sure. Survey base is 0.00, 0.00

if you paperclip the project point before you move it it should work.
Check out the different behaviors when the paperclip is activated/deactivated befor/after it’s moved:


Thanks Mostafa.

This works fine in the test file, but in my project file the base point was moved (probably while unpinned) a long time ago. is there any way to numberically correct these coordinates?


Ben, you can translate between the survey point, base point and origin point using translation methods in Dynamo. I wrote a definition that did this for spot coordinates recently. You can download the file from the link in this website.

Use the same translation methods in here in your definition. If this doesnt help let me know as I have a definition somewhere in the locker that uses this methodology directly when using the Dynaworks package.


Thanks Mark - Some very interesting vector maths going on there.

I’ve somewhat butchered your graph into mine, bypassing the Z coordinate around the rotate section and adding it in at the end.

unfortunately this still densest quite return the clash spheres in the correct location - can anyone tell me where im going wrong?

Hi Ben

It is complicated.

As Mostafa & others indicated- it depends on the project base point, but also the method you export into Navisworks as to how the coordinates are reported. Without running through your model and method in detail, it isn’t possible to give a definitive answer- but I can give you a few clues.

In the below examples- I have exported the same model with a single clash using internal vs shared coordinates, run the clash detective, exported the clash report to XML, then brought the points back into Revit using Dynamo.

From the second screenshot- you can see that in this example, using shared coordinates round trips to the correct position.
Also note that there may be an issue of units- in the metric world, Navisworks reports in metres, whereas Revit is in mm. I’m not sure how this works in imperial units.

I’d suggest simplifying your process so you are testing with a single clash- it is much easier to see what is going on and you should be able to identify the issue.

hope this helps



hi @b.ross ;
could you try this

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