Dynamo and Navisworks

Hi guys,

is there a possibility to override the graphics of items that are in collision directly from dynamo in the navis model?


So far I’am creating spheres in a Revit file based on the clashing point and exporting them again to navis. to have in Viewpoints a graphic notification.


Thanks in advance for help :slight_smile:


Hi Pawel

I am not sure if you could do this in Dynamo- you would need to:

  • get all the clash tests
  • get all the clash results
  • get the 2 objects from each clash
  • select the objects (I don't think a Dynaworks node exists for this)
  • Override appearance in Navisworks (I don't think a Dynaworks node exists for this)
I have done something similar using the Navisworks data tools:
  • Extract object ids from the Navisworks XML clash report
  • Link into Navisworks using data tools
  • Create search set based on object attributes & apply colour override
  • note- this is not foolproof- the objectIDs are not necessarily unique across models.
Refer below- you can see clashing objects in pink and the clash results in the object properties. Some objects are in involved in 40+ clashes i.e best to focus here.

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Many people get a bit caught up with the whole ‘clash detection’ thing- best to design it properly in the first place…!: refer my blog








Look into the DynaWorks package. It does create a link between Navsiworks and Dynamo

Thanks guys for your help!

I did explore the DynaWorks package and as Andrew says, there are unfortunately no nodes to play with the graphics on specific objects.

I was thinking that there is a way through Python scripting to access the Navis API, but i guess there’s no :<

I will try to go through your idea Andrew :slight_smile:

Hi Krezel
Do get any solution that can use Dynamo access the Navis API, I also meet this issue want to explore weather Dynamo can do it.