Dynamo to Revit - Clash Sphere Coordinates

Hi All,

I’m referring to this topic.

I just get the Clash Spheres approx in the same spot.

FamilyInstance.ByCoordinates accepts x,y,z in metres. If I try to convert to mm I get an error.

My project is in mm.


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Hi @salvatoredragotta

Change Geometry Working Range to Extra Large.

Thanks @Kulkul that worked!.

Not sure if you want me to open another topic but the issue is now that the sphere doesn’t end up in right place.

I just placed the sphere for clash1

You need to transform points to your project coordinate system.

Thanks @Kulkul. The sphere is still not going in the right location.

Revit sample files are here:


Also I’ve attached the excel and dyn files. Please note I’m just testing the workflow for clash1

Navis to Revit with Dynamo-V2.dyn (28.0 KB)

Clashes from XML.xlsx (13.1 KB)


It will depend on how you get the model into Navisworks

If you are using the NWC exporter in Revit- then check the setting which determines the origin (shared coordinates vs internal)

Also- there are some posts on this forum from me on this topic 12-18 months ago I’d guess

Finally, there is an admin from Kiwicodes (I believe free) that does this task



Only if I use shared coordinates (in red), I have the models correctly aligning in Navis

Are you solving the coordinates issue in your posts?

Thanks for the tip but I’m trying to solve this in Dynamo

I can’t remember the details, but I remember doing it

If you post your clash results XML file (straight out of NW) I will take a look

Thanks Andrew. This is the file:



there are a few issues.

  1. The spot coordinates tags in your model/screenshot are relative to the survey point- change this to shared coordinates so you can see what is going on.
  2. I recommend to simplify the troubleshooting of this that you simplify the models e.g so it is easy to see what is going on with just one clash
  3. Kulkul is correct- it is to do with differing coordinates systems. Essentially- Navsworks reports the coordinates using internal system, not shared. So if you are using shared coordinates- you need to translate the points.
  4. These sample models (from Autodesk) have different shared coordinates so this is going to affect the output. This is the main problem here.

I would suggest either:

scrap the sample models from Autodesk and create samples yourself. Using internal (origin-origin) is the simplest
federate the models in Revit, and manually relocate models (e.g using grids) and export to NWC using the ‘internal’ option and ‘linked models’ options. Run the clash tests on this federated model.

hope that helps



Sorry I just saw this reply! OK I will test it with different models


Hi Andrew,

I am facing the same issues.

I am attaching the dynamo screenshot showing the sphere in the background placed properly -

but when these are seen in Revit, they appear clumped together in one space. I am attaching the revit snap below.

Any ideas would definitely help.



Hi Ramyo

check your units- your ‘convert units’ nodes are converting metres to metres.
This would explain the spheres being in the same (similar) position
(the Dynamo screenshot is showing the points)


Thanks Andrew, Got it.