Importing family to Revit based on Navisworks clash points

Hey I have only recently started working with Dynamo so forgive me if this is a basic question. I am trying to take the results of a Navisworks test using the Get Clash Point node, and place a family instance back into revit based on the points. While I believe I set everything up correctly, when I send the family in it seems to cluster around one point in the model (close to the center). This leads me to believe that either navis is not publishing the correct coordinates or revit is not receiving them properly. Anyone have any experience that can point me in the right direction?

Hi Mike

My first guess is that it is something to do with units.
Your coordinates seem like very small numbers- so you might need to add in some nodes (say metres to mm)

To troubleshoot- i suggest using a Navisworks file with one or just a few clashes to help identify where it is going wrong

Also refer to this post


Thank you very much Andrew for your quick response. Your first guess was right on! I converted the units to centimeters and everything landed perfectly in place. I have included a screenshot of my final graph in case it can be of use to someone else who encounters this problem.

Appreciate your help!

Hi, Sorry for digging up graves here. but i still dont understand how this coordinate system works. i have tried all the suggestions and maybe im just not getting it.

if anyone can look at the script and show me where i am going wrong it would be appreciated. ;-(

Model setup with shared coordinates. And i have moved the structure model 1m away from the origin.

For all design files click link below.

thanks in advance all.