Dynamo work principle

I have a general question about Dynamo work principle.
I prepared one script for numbering all sheets at my project. (like XX-DF-HF-LL-01 which all letter designated some information from project)
However i need to run this script several times to achieve proper result. At first run it changes half part of sheet number. At second run it changes another half of sheet number.

My question is, how does dynamo handles my nodes? I mean with which order? Is it important which node i placed to screen first?


It basically follows the strings, so whichever node is wired in one after the other. After that unconnected nodes work top left to bottom right I believe.

If you post your graph we can review and tell you why this is happening. Should be doable in one run.

Dear Jacob,
thanks for information brother. Question was exactly about unconnected node groups. Thanks a lot.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of custom prebuild shared parameters in my project which graph is working with so no use to post it here.

The concepts of tying things together still apply, so if you’re worried someone will see something change names or data or rebuild something similar which doesn’t use your exact nodes. :slight_smile:

please find the graph i mentioned. I hope it will be useful to understand my question. :slight_smile:

Sheet and View Naming Urfan.dyn (268.1 KB)

I do not think there is an order for non topologically sorted nodes - ie unconnected graphs have no defined execution order.

If you have multiple (unconnected) node groupings within a single graph that you want to run in a specific order you’ll have to use a Wait/Passthrough node.

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Dear Nick_Boyts,
thanks for information. Very useful.

You can you use a List.Create node, followed by a List.FirstItem before some node that needs to wait for others, than you link one of it’s input on the 0 item of List.Create and anything that you need to wait for on the others items.


As a single code block:

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I am still could not able to manage to do what i want to do.
There is one parameter: Sheet Number
Before I need to add “1” to all sheet number parameter at my project. Afterward i need to replace this value with “2”. It is important to perform this task ones after another.
How I have to use the node you suggested me to use. Please help :frowning:

Have you tried combining the graphs yet? It’s been a month so I have kinda lost track.

Dear Jacob,
Previously volunteers suggest me two methods. But I could not apply that method to my script. I added my script and volunteers suggestion to Test.dyn attached at this post. Could you please help me to apply one of method…
Briefly Description: initially I want to add 1 to sheet number and then 2 at same sheet number.

Test.dyn (7.8 KB)

Kindly Reminding

Try taking the last node of the part you want to run in the graph first and put it into a List.Create node with the first node of the last part of the graph you want to run, then you use get item at index node from list.create to only pass on what you need from the list create node. The last part of the script wont run until the list create node gets its information from the first part of the graph.

Hope it makes sense. Cannot create an example as I am not in front of my computer


The graph you posted doesn’t really work as you’re trying to set two values to a single parameter. Let’s say you wanted to append a A in front of all sheet numbers 101-102 in a file, and add a -01 to the end of the same files. You can’t just set the sheet numbers to 1, and then set the sheet numbers to 2 as your attempted graph does.

  1. Get the sheet number parameter values (result: {101, 102})
  2. Append the A (result: {A101, A102})
  3. Append the -01 (result: {A101-01, A102-01})
  4. Set the sheet number parameter value (result: sheets get value)

Looks like this:

There is no required order to the two. And you can’t mix and match the values to have it be A sometimes and B other times, as no mater what you do with Dynamo, Revit (or any other database or BIM software) won’t let you have two values for a single parameter at the same time - you’ll only ever see one of them.

Dear Andre I will be deeply appreciated if you sent me script for mention description you made to me.

Dear Jacob,
I am planing to give 1 and then 2 value to single sheet number one after another. I mean first it must add 1 value to sheet numbers then it must be add 2 value to same sheet number parameter of same sheet.

Is there a reason why you cannot concatenate the full sheet numbers in dynamo before you push it to the parameter value?

Why? Revit can only store one value at a time so you won’t ever see the first value. It would happen but too fast for it to be of any value.

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