Order of Operation


I having 2 calculation which run by dynamo. However, I should run 2 times for finish the calculation because the order of operation is wrong. How to run the calculation 1 first and then run 2 at the last?


Im interested in this also, so far all I can think of is making it separate graphs (is what I do).
There should be a node “do while” (people who actually code are going to laugh at me now)

The graph is so small it’s hard to see what is going on, but it looks like process 1 relies on information from process 2 anyway? If you provide more information about what you’re trying to achieve it will be easier to comment.

However, there is a node in the Clockwork package called Passthrough, which takes two inputs: passThrough and waitFor. Even if passThrough is calculated first, the node will only execute and pass on that data once the waitFor input has been completed and therefore can be used to control the order of executions

In pure Designscript it is


So it won’t complete until waitFor is complete, but will only pass on passThrough because that’s the data at index 0



thank you, but Passthrough does not work.
I have a graph where there are two independent groups of nodes, one sets some parameters, another exports a schedule.

There is no way to run the parameter setting first and then the export of the schedule.

We need to run the script twice, or simply make two scripts.

It appears this is simply beyond what dynamo was designed for.

Maybe the Transaction nodes could help, but I do not know how would I use them to force a specific order of execution.



Use an end transaction, than a start transaction, and then a pass through method. There may be an exception where a combination of transaction nodes and passthrough will not work, but I have t seen it yet. Feel free to post your graph and the larger community can have a look.

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As Jacob says it’s very unlikely that your graph can’t work as you would like it to. In your brief description you would take the output of the parameter setting node and wire it into waitFor on the Passthrough node example above and have the other group of your nodes using the passThrough input to get to a node afterwards that completes the schedule export. But if you post your graph it will be easier for anyone to take a look and suggest a strategy