Dynamo work principle

I understand your answer. However I need to do this unfortunately. If possible :frowning:

Can you shed some light on why you want to change the sheet number twice? There is likely a better method to accomplish what you’re after but without knowing the end goal I can’t be of much help…

I prepared script for numbering sheet number of all sheets (by some logic). However I am getting error that the number already exist. However all values I am trying to apply are totally different from each other and this error must not be happen.
That is why i am trying to apply totally different value to sheet number parameter of all sheets and then apply number what i want to apply.


Totally makes sense now. Setting a value so you don’t have duplicates stopping the process is a common thing. I recommend setting up the correct value and appending a date-time stamp to the end, replacing the ‘bad’ characters, then set the parameter value to this temp. After that the previous code block I posted, @ricardoperucci described, and that @andre.abotnes indicated as well is required so that dynamo knows which order to do things in. Otherwise you’re telling Dynamo to eat the candy bar and then telling Dynamo to open the wrapper.

Script looks like this: