Dynamo running logic

This is a question about the running background of Dynamo.

In what order do nodes run in a Dynamo script?

Let’s say I have a script which generates a certain type of elements in the project to certain points.
I also want to be sure the script doesn’t make duplicated elements, so there are 2 branches in the script: one ends in deleting these certain types of elements from the project, the other one creates new ones.

How can I be sure which branch runs first, so the newly created elements don’t get deleted?

Can this kind of logic in a script cause Dynamo to crash? Sometimes if I run a complex script, it tends to crash, and I don’t know what causes it.

The former function is just meant to be an example, not the actual problem.
I just like to see the logic of the running of a visual defined program.

Thank you for the answers!


If you want to make sure certain operations run in sequence I would recommend you try Clockwork’s Passthrough node. It’s really simple, but I made it specifically for that purpose. In some cases you might need to throw in a Transaction.End node, too, e.g. if you first delete some elements in a category and subsequently want to collect all elements of that category.

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