Repeating and maintaining run order of User Input

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Hi All,

Just thought id bump this one because it is something that could be helpful for multiple cases.

My original posting was to have multiple user inputs in order, that occured at each manual run of the script.
So, run - user input one - user input two - outcome - repeat run to select again.
Any thoughts?

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Hi @Ewan_Opie,

I little trick I use to force and execution on specific nodes is to add a master Boolean Toggle and a port to plug it in to the node you want to re-execute.

This does absolutely nothing to anything in the script/component, all that happens is that Dynamo sees that the input port has changed it’s value and flags it for execution on next run. I usually have one of these “master” boolean toggles if i need to force an execution on specific nodes.

I showed in the image above that you can add a port into a Python node, but you can do the same in a custom node too by having an empty input as shown below.

Custom Node
In Dynamo Graph…

In Custom Node Graph…

There are other ways to do this, for example you could delete the nodes that require execution, run, undo (ctrl z - they will come back) then run or you could unhook say crucial input to that node and run to force a failure and undo or rehook that port and then run again, But these aren’t the best solutions, I would use the boolean.

It would be nice if Dynamo would have a checkbox on each node to say “Execute on each run” maybe something you could ask on github?

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Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the response on this one, I’ve got it currently set up as an acceptable solution using your tip.
Ill make a note to post a request in like you suggested. :+1:

You’re welcome mate. :wink: