Dynamo Sheet Creation Problem

Hi everyone,
In Revit Dynamo, I am trying to use Dynamo to link to a excel file to create the sheets in my project but I have some errors showing at the last step. So I simplified the program ans open a new project to test the function. Please see my simplified program attached. I cannot figure out where is the problem even after a little bit research.
Can someone help me out? Thank you very much.

It’s saying 1 of your input types is wrong, sheet number is a text parameter and you’re trying to feed it an integer. Try using a string

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Thank you very much Jimmy_G. That was working.
Based on that, my following question is that how to create multiple sheets from Excel file?
I have some problems with that in my dyn. file and excel. Please see the attached dyn. screenshot any my excel screenshot. Do you think there is something wrong with the view input or something else?

The test excel:

The warning text from the last node:

Hi Jimmy,

Creating sheets using excel have been discussed many times in the forum. Here is one of the link Sheet Creation from Excel doubt

Try using the other node “Sheet.ByNameNumberTilteBlockAndViews”.

Thank you very much Kulkul. Sorry I am a Dynamo beginner, though I did some search but missed this one.
I am checking out your link now.
Thanks for your time !!!

Make sure your list of drawing numbers are strings and not numbers, convert them with string from object if you’re not sure.
Also use a view that can be placed on sheets, “Project View” is invalid

If you did not want any views actually on the sheets you could have a drafting view with no data/lines drawn then input this view into the view input.

This will get around the issue where revit only allows a view to be on one sheet only, as it will not put a empty drafting view onto a sheet.

Also for a guide to you, you could have a look at the Excel to Revit sheet creation script i created and released to all

Thank you Jimmy. It works. Much appreciation.

Thank you very much Brendan, it is very helpful. I will check out your script. It is so nice to have so many people here to help each other.

I have the same problem when create empty sheet on Dynamo 2.0
Please Help me

in python scrip line 56