Creating sheets from Excel spreadsheet (In Revit)

Hi all

I have been browsing all over for a way to generate sheets with Dynamo and have found nno successfull solution as of yet. I just want to create a list of sheets, not place views (One thing at a time, since i am new to the whole thing)

The node i got the furthest with, i saw here:

It all works fine except for the last step. I’ve tried “Sheet.ByNameTitleBlockAndView(s)” and the createsheets from Dynatools package but both give similar errors:

Warning: Sheet.ByNameNumberTitleBlockAndViews expects argument type(s) (string, string, FamilyType, View), but was called with (string, double, Revit.Elements.FamilyType, Revit.Elements.Views.FloorPlanView).

I noticed that it shuffles the views in the project browser or sometimes creates a new view instead of a sheet (As well as opens the excel file, if it’s closed)

I can’t upload here since my user is new - I have created a dropbox folder containing: the two dynamo scripts i attempted with, pictures of the warnings, the excel file i used and the titleblock file tried to create the sheets with.

I’m totally stumped on this one and i’m convinced this should be relatively simple - Any pointers as to a possible fix or another way of achieving the goal entirely? Any help would be appreciated!

I use this. just follow the steps

Hi, thanks for the tip.

I looked at this one as well. The set up is identical to mine except for the view (Re)placement part. I tried this one out and it runs the same error at the same point as mine.