New to Dynamo - trouble creating sheets from excell

Hi all

I know this subject has been covered repetitively but im having an issue i cant solve or understand.
I’m very new to dynamo and this is my first attempt at creating anything.

I am attempting to use a simple way of creating sheets from excel into revit. Ive read up on several forum posts but i’m getting an error i do not understand and have now stalled.

Hopeful someone can steer me in the right direction.

as the image shows all seems to run fine until i get to the Sheets.CreateSheets node.
The excel file is read and sorted correctly but then nothing.

Your time and experience is much appreciated.



The list of numbers(201, 202, etc) need to be converted to a text via the “to string” node, so connect “list.getitematindex” node to the “to string” node then put the output of the “to string” node into the original place of “List.getitematindex” node

Generally if you are reading a excel file; anything that could be a number in the excel file will be imported as numbers not strings and thus will need to be converted when things require a string not a number.

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The import node should have an option to read as string, set it to true and it should work. Should also be easier than converting the numbers to strings later, assuming you don’t need the numbers for anything number-related/calculations.

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thank you all very much for the fast replies. Its much appreciated.

I’ve set a true Boolean to the Data.ImportExcel node for the “read as strings” but i’m still getting an error as follows:

Is this something obvious i’m missing here?



In that image you didn’t connect the sheet number node.

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it really was that obvious! :flushed:

Thank you all - so in summary, all numbers from excel need to be converted into text via strings.

Very helpful forum.

Thank you all once again. Now to continue playing with Dynamo and see what i can break next.


They only need to be converted to text if they the input of other nodes need a string.

If you go back to your original image of the error and read it, it tells you it expected a string, string, element. Then afterwards it tells you that you put in a string, double, element which means the middle item didn’t match the expected format(string).

Hopefully the above will help you understand the error message and fix it if you see it again sometime

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