Creating Sheets With Dynamo....again

Hi all,
I am trying to create a very simple sheet creation from excel script in dynamo.
I have tried and tried to chop and change different scripts and have seen one as the image below.
I am not getting any errors but there is also nothing happening in my revit file.
Am I totally wide of the mark??

Hi there,

You should show what you get in each node to understand where the issue is.



This is what I am seeing but I am still struggling to see what I am doing wrong.


You have not put an input to view


Try these maybe?

You can also create placeholder sheets with Clockwork & Archilab.

Hope that’s useful,


You also need to drop the first item before feeding the list to the Sheet.ByNameNumberTitleBlockAndView node.
Sheet Number and Sheet list should not be included in the list

I made a video showing how to create sheets from excel if that helps;

Noting that I tend to create placeholder sheets vs. straight into the project (and also do so in this tutorial).

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