Sheet Creation from Excel doubt

Hi Everybody,
I’m definitely a beginner in terms of Dynamo, but I’m trying to learn how it works.
I’m doing a script to create Sheets from an Excel and I could figure it out more or less. I did for 5 sheets (rows in the excel) with diferents tittleblocks, but I would like to know how I could do it i instead of having just 5 sheet, having 20, 50 or even 100 without repeating all the time the same routine.

Find atteched my script.





Have you tried running your main list prior to creating independent lists directly into one of the name number nodes as this should work

try this:

Thks to both.

I’m sorry but I don’t get your points. The thing is that my script works for 5 sheets with different title blocks. The problem is if you have an excel with 100 sheet. I should repeat the same routine 100 times instead of 5 times.
I don’t know if dynamo have a counter to repeat the same routine a number of times, for instance:
the node create independent list goes from 0 to 4, what I would like to find is a counter that changes that node. It should starts from 0, executes the routine, then it changes to 1, executes the routine, then change to 2, etc… until n


Hi Manel,


I think you should use List.Map to get what you want. You should use your Number, name and title block as f(x) and connect your list to list.

I could show you if you share you files with us.

Hi Mostafa

Here you have my script

create sheets_v2

Thks for your help




Below image shows what i was on about and should work as long as the Name, Number and sheet node is setup correctly to utilise the main lists.

Hi Brendan,

You’re almost right. The thing is when you have differents tittleblocks for each excel.

Normally, our client send us a excel with all the sheets, some of them are A1, A2…etc. That’s why I created that script. If you just have one size, the script is what you said.

I have one script for A1, one for A2, etc… but what I was trying is to have just one for all of them.



I don’t have your excel file and your custom nodes but i edited the script. I can’t really run it but I believe it should work : (dyn file -> create-sheets_edited)

list map

If you have varying Family Title Blocks that depend on something then you will want to add a checker to get the correct type depending on its input, example below.


Hi Mostafa,

Number, name & tittleblock


Here you have the node and the excel file.

I doesn’t work to me your script.



CapturaHi Brendan,

I’ve copied the phyton script, but sth doen’t work. create sheets_v5

I’m a begginner so, no idea why it doen’t work.


Hi Brendan, I’ve changed in the python script “List_Check” and the last “output.append”, but it still doen’t work :frowning:

See attached Image with the modification to one of the lines of python code and also changed 4 of the inputs to actually put in the Title Block Families you want.

EDIT: Just noticed that their is a typo on line 15, make sure that their is a dot between output and append EG output.append

Well, I’m really impressed. Works perfectlly.

Thank you very much.


it does work for me :slight_smile: . the only modification i had to make is to select have a unique input in views. (dyn file -> create-sheets_edited

list map sheets

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Yeap, it works for me too

Thks a lot