Example files door surface

Hi to all
in the example’s files 2019 of dynamo for alias

there is a strange surface, a single surface like a remapping of doorpanel, that used for create a pattern in dynamo.
how can create this kind of surface ?
i think is has made with autodesk softwares… i hope
i think it’s not possibile to create in alias software … if possibile, teach me !

please help me!

hi Alex, sorry I don´t understand, you mean the left or the right surface? The left one is remeshed (I don´t know how) the other on is a “patchlayout” with seveal surfaces some of them are trimmed.

hi @MarkusSchnabel1921
the surface on the right was made with alias and i know how.

i need help for surfaces like that left…

nobody knows how to create a surface like that?

did you try PolySurface.ByJoinedSurfaces?

If you let me know in which of the examples this surface is, I should be able to find out who created it and how.
I guess you are interested in a mesh as result, and not a bunch of small Nurbs or Bezier surfaces, correct?

hi to all.
dynamo for alias don’t read mesh or i can’t send mesh from alias to dynamo…

the left surface it’s not a mesh, it’s a single surface with degree 3x3 and many span, that recalc almost perfectly the original surfaces made in alias .

i would like to learn how can i create this kind of surface
in attach
1 original alias surfaces
2 single surface with isoparam
3 same single surface without isoparam

some help ?

Quite busy this week, will answer soon. If you want to speed up the process, please let me know in which exact example file you found this surface. :wink:

thank you !

in this example file
Alias-Dynamo Sample Files\Graphic_Patterning\Door\wire

@Michael-GG news ?

Sent an email to the person who created them. Where did you find the lower surface? I could only find the upper set of surfaces and the mesh in the middle?

hi micheal
the middle surface and the lower surface are the same surface, i only hide the isoparm u and v…

the surface, i think it was create by @Andrzej_Samsonowicz … i hope he respond

Hi Alex,
If it was made by Andrzej, I kind of know how it works. But there is no general script for creating such surfaces then. You would need to look at the input geometry, and adapt your script to make it work.

hi micheal, i don’t want create this kind of surfaces with dynamo, i would like to create it with alias or others software, because this kind of surfaces make creation of patterns very easy