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Hello all,

I have used Dynamo to create planes in the Conceptual Mass environment. I then loaded the mass into my project and used Roof by Face. Each time I change the the Planes in Dynamo and reload the mass the roofs become un-associated and will not update to face. My though is that Dynamo is creating a new planes each time I make a change. Ideally I would like to be able to close Revit and make changes over long periods of time without having to recreate the roof each time. Is this possible?

I used Springs.Form.ByGeometry to create the plans. Does this have to do with the ToDSType(bool) method mentioned is this post by @Einar_Raknes?

Thanks for any and all help.

The newly created mass element could have a different ID. I found this over the topic:

Hello all,

I changed my script a little bit in order to get it to work. Instead of creating the planes in dynamo I created them in the conceptual mass environment. I converted the Dynamo points to reference points (to my understanding these will keep their association). I then used the reference points to create / control the geometry. I guess you could also create an adaptive component.

Any way if you are going to use Dynamo to create a conceptual mass keep in mind how it needs to be created so you can develop your script with that in mind.

Never Mind It has now been a couple of days since the last open and the dynamo file has disassociated its self with the conceptual mass file. It created a new set of points. Back to the drawing board.

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Hi Stevan,

This post is from a while ago but I’m currently trying to create a conceptual mass component and wondered if you had any joy in solving this?

Did you try using dynamo curves to create lines directly in the conceptual mass space?
You can see a preview of the curves I was to use as an outline in my picture below

If memory serves I did not solve the problem. Since I was creating the planes for each run there was no way to keep the relationship. If you were to find a way to control the corner points of a plane then it may work but I have not personally explored this option (or at least do not remember). Sorry, I could not be more help.

I also cannot find the script so I cannot tell you how or what I did.

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No problem - Thanks for the response either way :+1: