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Hello all,

I have used Dynamo to create planes in the Conceptual Mass environment. I then loaded the mass into my project and used Roof by Face. Each time I change the the Planes in Dynamo and reload the mass the roofs become un-associated and will not update to face. My though is that Dynamo is creating a new planes each time I make a change. Ideally I would like to be able to close Revit and make changes over long periods of time without having to recreate the roof each time. Is this possible?

I used Springs.Form.ByGeometry to create the plans. Does this have to do with the ToDSType(bool) method mentioned is this post by @Einar_Raknes?

Thanks for any and all help.

The newly created mass element could have a different ID. I found this over the topic:

Hello all,

I changed my script a little bit in order to get it to work. Instead of creating the planes in dynamo I created them in the conceptual mass environment. I converted the Dynamo points to reference points (to my understanding these will keep their association). I then used the reference points to create / control the geometry. I guess you could also create an adaptive component.

Any way if you are going to use Dynamo to create a conceptual mass keep in mind how it needs to be created so you can develop your script with that in mind.

Never Mind It has now been a couple of days since the last open and the dynamo file has disassociated its self with the conceptual mass file. It created a new set of points. Back to the drawing board.

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