From conceptual mass to project

Hello everyone.
I was following the tutorial from Jeremy Roh about rotating panels. It worked well for in the conceptual mass template as he did in his tutorial, but actually, when moving to an architectural template and recreating the curtain panel (created the mass, i divided the surface and added the panel pattern based family). When running the script Dynamo shows the third node (adaptive component location) as an empty list of elements. Someone can address the error?

The only thing i can imagine about is that in the project template revit doesn’t use a proper coordinate system as it does in the massing template.

Thank you for your further replies.

pls show the graph ( with visible outputs) and the error

As you see the script is not working as it should do and as it does in the massing template.

Thank you for your replies.

Hi @Angelo.Limiti ,

Did you find a solution to the problem? I am struggling with a similar issue at the moment. Please do share if you’ve found a solution. Thanks!


Hi Antonio,

Not yet. The issue seems related to the fact that Dynamo works differently in the conceptual mass environment than for the architectural template. What probably will make it work is to change the settings to acquire the sunposition.

If you will find any solution I will be greatful to hear about it.


That is the problem indeed, Angelo.
I have seen other posts regarding the same issue and it seems like Mr @Vikram_Subbaiah has found a solution with a custom definition that I, unfortunately, couldn’t download from the post he had it attached. I have reached out to him and will let you know if we figure out the solution.


Can you attach the link to the post?

Hello, I am struggling with the same issue too. Have you been able to find a solution?


You guys have three problems here
Problem One: Latest Dynamo version doesn’t accept to scale a point using a CoordinateSystem scaling node. You must use Geometry.Scale instead.

Problem Two: The attached image above shows a problem in the adaptive component points, the fault is in the family, it’s not 3 points adaptive or more. (The image author should check the family)

Problem Three: You CANNOT edit an instance parameter of a shared family (Adaptive Component -Pattern- Family in your case) inside a project document…
(Well except if you dive really deep in the API and edit the family and map the sun position from the project into the family and run an attractor script on the parameters, and load it back to the project on the fly) it could be done in theory…

I can help with Problem Three.
If no member in the community provides that solution for you, and you really want it, let me know, so I might find some time to write it up in the next weekend.

As for One and Two, it’s on you.

Thank you @Karam_Baki for clarifying the problems.

You see, I am working on a thesis on exploring the potential of solar responsive facade systems. I was hoping to create a responsive facade and assess how beneficial the shading is for an office space which I would create in a project architectural template.

I already created the office space in an architectural template and followed the tutorial made by Jeremy Roh on rotating panels but when I try to run the script, I get this error (adaptive component location).

If you have any advice or a better way on how I can go about achieving this, please share. Problems one and two that you have addressed, I already fixed. I think my issue is with problem three that you explained.

Adaptive Component location problem indicates a problem number Two
Can you send me the Revit file and the dyn file to my email:
I can have a look and see what’s happening inside.

Okay @Karam_Baki thank you, I have sent you the files.