Conceptual Mass - can't create roof by face - because it contains only mesh geometry


I have created a script in dynamo, which results in a Surface (Surface.ByPerimeterPoints), that is generated as a conceptual mass in Revit.
I then loaded this new family into my revit project and now I wish to create a roof by face.
However, I get a warning: “Mass contains only mesh geometry, which can’t be used to compute Mass Floors, volume, or surface area.”
I have tried: importing the instance, I have also tried inserting a SAT in a inplace mass. I hoped that the spring node to import a family instance would work, but it did not.

How should I approach this?

Any help would be appretiated!

Conceptual Mass:

Dynamo Script:

Revit Project:

1-094-SA-PAL-EXPO_ATENOR-AQ-R00A_Cobertura52.dyn (262.0 KB)

Hi @RitaAguiar

Looks good to me:

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Unfortunately the spring node isn’t running as expected.
It says “Exception: Saving is not allowed. File has been opened by another Revit instance.” and nothing appears on the project.
Do you have any idea why this could be happening?

Restart Revit-> Open Dynamo->Run Again Script.

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Unfortunately I couldn’t reproduce what you did…

Can you send me back the dynamo script you ran? Just to be sure i got it right

Thank you so much @Kulkul!
I got it, I have to select a different family, with a thickness less than 0,23 m …
Do you have any idea how can I create this roof with a thickness of 0,9m? There seems to be a limit of 0,23m for the roof to be created.

Is this what you need?

rvt file here ForRita.rvt (1.3 MB)

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Almost, I want to avoid the triangulation of the shape. I had to design a shape with a greater area so that I could extrude it with 0,9m of thickness, afterwards I used a Roof Void to cut the excess and obtain the wanted shape, without any triangulation.
Although this is not very ideal, it worked.